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Why choose In-House financing?

Great news, you have just found the car you have been looking for! Not only does it have enough seats for your family, but it also came in that nice blue you have been wanting. The only thing that is stopping you from driving off the lot and taking it home, is your credit.

If lack of credit has been causing you issues in the car buying department, you're not alone. Over 15% of Canadians struggle with buying a vehicle for the very same reason. This can be discouraging for some looking to build their credit up again, because without being able to qualify, how are you supposed to build your credit?

This is where In-House Financing comes in. The term is pretty self-explanatory, the financing is offered “In-House” through the dealership instead of “Out-of-House” by the banks. So if the banks aren't willing to offer you a line of credit, In-House Financing helps you out.

Additionally, with the line of credit you receive from the dealership, you are able to build back your credit as we use the loan to rebuild your credit score. This is great news for all your large future purchases, saving you heaps of money in interest.

Credit Farm has made it easier than ever to pre-qualify for In-House Financing. Simply click the “Get Approved” button in the menu tab, and in less than 5 minutes you can have an application filled out, and be contacted ASAP. Let's get you into a vehicle and rebuild your credit today!


Why choose In-House financing? - Westgate Credit Farm

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